My Story of Hope, Joy, Shoes, Cotton Candy and a Mum’s Magic Wand; all for a DIY Birthday Party.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

My kids think of me as the mum with the magic wand that can grant their heart’s desire, especially when it comes to having their birthdays. Mums with a magic wand or not, it’s never a fairy-tale story of a happily-ever-after birthday party, especially when you are on a tight budget, managing your time between school, studies and kids, and wanting to save for a getaway family holiday!

Nevertheless, being a mum, my kids come first.

I’ll take out my magic wand and wear my best Sunday shoes (or jogging shoes); I’ll make it happen, with cotton candy, joy, hope and all the jiggity bang bang and whatnot….

Hey, hold it! Wait a minute! What am I saying? This is SO NOT RIGHT!

“I’ll take out my magic wand and wear my best Sunday shoes (or jogging shoes); I’ll make it happen, with cotton candy, joy, hope, and all the jiggity bang bang and whatnot….”

That’s what’s expected of a mum; the ability and responsibility to create the picture perfect DIY Birthdays, among other stuff that mums do so well.

Unfortunately, my blog isn’t about the perfect DIYs Birthdays.

I’m not the mum that does everything well, and I don’t have a magic wand that conjures up perfection. I’m an average mum doing the best for my kids every possible way🥰

This is as the ideal picture for a Unicorn Theme Party🤩 … Unfortunately, it isn’t me🥴



I’m the average mum who does it like this!🤣😩

No matter what the outcome is. I’m happy to say that this DIY was created together with my daughter aged 7+ who is getting ready to celebrate her coming birthday in a few weeks. She prepared the unicorn hats with the ribbons and pom-pom for all her guests. Today, we had the best mom and daughter time together; in creating her dream Unicorn birthday!

Does she care if it’s not the perfect Unicorn theme party vision as depicted in the first photo? Nah, she couldn’t care less. At most, she just wants to have a Unicorn themed cake, and have all her friends coming to the party.

The bottom line is, the party is about my kid and allowing her to be her age, who she is and learning new skills along the way in planning her own DIY Birthday.

But what REALLY matters (to me at least) is getting her involved in the DIY process and through all this, she learns the value of hard work, creativity and setting goals for herself. These are valuable life skills that I can instil in her, just by working on a DIY birthday project together.

What you can expect from my humble blog is a helping hand (i.e. resources) to see things through, not just DIY Birthdays, but everything else in between that helps us become better parents.

The main topic is, of course, planning DIY birthday parties, working with our kids, finding ideas and party supplies, do-it-yourself crafts, handy skills, and starting a community of like-minded mums.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Finally, please know I’d LOVE to hear from you. Tell me your stories and I’d like to get to know you, learned from you, from one mum to another.


Emma, Mummy’s Secret Helper

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