How to develop 3 valuable life skills in kids through the makings of his/her own DIY Birthday party.

DIY birthdays can be excellent opportunities to instil good values and develop life skills in kids and here are three essential skills to share:-

No.1 Visualisation Skills

Sit with your kid to make up a plan of what he/she would like to create for their birthday. Ask to visualise the birthday and how it will feel and look. Use visuals and get your kid to formulate the idea for their birthday.

Let them decide what they want it to be, and tell them it is essential to have a clear and realistic picture of their birthday.

Create an idea board with your kid by pasting all the visuals that will make up the story of their birthday.

Start with a theme of the birthday, the colours, the food and drinks, the decorations. Use Pinterest to source for your images and create a board of ideas with your kid. Cut and paste to create a living mood board with your kid. Make it as hands-on as possible.

This visualisation technique helps your kid to develop a vision of his/her desired goal. A full sensory visualisation skill is a powerful tool to help your kid in adulthood realise their potential in life.

No. 2 Writing Skills

Have your child write his/her own invitation cards to her friends and favourite characters. You can use printable templates for them to fill in the blanks.

For more resources on invitation cards, Mummy’s Secret Helper has created a Pinterest Board for invitation templates and resources here:

Also, it is good to have them write thank-you cards as well, to thank their friends, relatives and favourite characters who had attended their birthday party.

Get your kid excited about writing invitation cards by including an invitation to a fictional character that your kid will love to have at his/her birthday party. A fictional character invitation is possible only if you are inviting an entertainer or have someone dressed in the character to come along on the day. Or, even have your kid write a grand sounding letter to request his/her favourite teddy bear or toy to attend his/her birthday.

Create an association that writing is fun and it is a magical instrument. By allowing them to invite real people and fictional ones, it is a way to get your kid to feel exciting about writing and develop a love for writing.

In response to the invites to fictional characters, do remember to prepare a reply from the fictional characters for your kid, i.e. accepting and thanking them for the invitation; and follow up with a plan of the ‘arrival’, i.e. set up their favourite toy at the birthday party (for younger kids).

No. 3 Creative Skills

Develop creativity in kids by coming up with creative DIY Birthday projects. Some examples are:-

  • Themed treat bags to giveaway to friends and family coming to the birthday party
  • DIY Art & Crafts toys
  • Creativity through Baking the Birthday Cake

Instil creativity and ownership in kids by teaching them how to bake and work with them towards achieving the goal. The video below is a helpful guide in working with your kid to bake his/her own birthday cake.

With all three skills covered, the most important thing to remember is. . .

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Have fun when you work together with your kids to develop these life skills. Fun and laughter is the essence of learning and the key to many happy childhood moments. It is also essential too to create awesome DIY Birthdays.